God Bless American Awesomeness

We Love Mexico

We love mexico like the Israelis love Iran. It’s true. Ask any self-respecting American about visiting our neighbouring country, we will use very strong words and alarmed expressions to warn you not to go. None of us have been there but we all know they have drug wars and they use guns so its totally dangerous. I have to point out at this juncture that THEIR gun use isn’t like OUR gun use, theirs is related to cocaine, whereas our right to carry guns and shoot people is totally constitutional. Back to the point, if you resist our sage advice and want to go to mexico, we will insist you go straight to a resort compound and stay there. This makes us Americans feel good that we have the same amenities we do at home, first world environment and mexican cooks, maids and drivers. So its just like being at home.


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