God Bless American Awesomeness

We love Geography

Total Proof of Awesomeness

We Americans in all our awesomeness are well known for our intellectual prowess and solid grasp of global issues. At the very basis of our vast well of knowledge  are the fundamental lessons in geography that we learn from a very young age. It’s clear to me as it should be to every American on the planet that our collective IQ ranks way ahead of all other countries. But when it comes to geography, we are totally off the charts.

While its true that only 90% of American citizens could accurately name every country and capital in the world succinctly and accurately, 100% of us can draw the world map. (see detailed evidence below)


And, if there is any debate about our supreme knowledge of geography, I would like to still any naysayers with the following video evidence.

So that solves it.. another case for American Awesomeness, later!


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